User Guide - Virtual Learning Environments

eMargin can be linked to from a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). We are using a system called IMS LTI, which can be found in many leading VLEs (such as Moodle and Blackboard Learn).

Student Experience

The integration is designed to provide a seamless experience for students. Within the VLE, the link to eMargin will look like any other web link. When a student clicks on that link eMargin will open in front of them. The student is automatically given an account and placed in a group (without any need for them to login or sign-up). Texts can be assigned to the group for the students to then access.

Setting it Up

This, of course, requires some setup to be performed by instructors. The first thing you should do is email . We will issue you with some credentials that eMargin will use to validate links from VLEs. These credentials can be added to your VLE at a system wide level (by your VLE administrator), which makes setting up further links easier for instructors. Or they can often be added when setting up each link.

Once a link has been created in the VLE then the first thing an instructor should do is click on it. On the first launch, a new group will created in eMargin (using details such as the name of the course from the VLE). Instructors will then be able to add texts to the group for students to access. Permission levels will be determined based on the role of the user within the VLE, i.e. instructors will be able to modify the group, but students cannot.

The way these links are setup in each VLE will be slightly different. You will need to look in the documentation for your VLE to find out how to do it. Of course we will help wherever possible.