Deleting Texts and Groups

A regularly requested feature for eMargin is the ability to delete a text or group. We’ve now updated the tool to enable this. Go to the ‘Text Admin’ page of a text you own and you’ll see a ‘Delete Text’ link in the left-hand menu. You’ll be asked if you’re sure before anything happens. Please be careful as you will also delete all annotations, comments, tags and colour information associated with the text.

Refinements to Groups and Touch-screen Highlighting

In eMargin groups are used to control who can access a text. Users may be members of multiple groups and may wish to limit the annotations displayed in a text to just one of them. Now, you can do just that:

The above section can be found in the sidebar when viewing a text. Click the ‘Switch’ button to open up a list of your groups to choose from, or choose ‘Any Group’. The displayed highlights will then be limited to that group. Also, when filtering the annotations by colour, tag or other search options, only those from within the group will be displayed.

This group setting is also set when a user accesses a group page. This is useful when you have separate groups of students, who will see only their own group’s annotations when they¬†subsequently¬†access a text.

We’ve also made some improvements to highlighting on touch-screen devices. Users may drag over the text with their finger tip to highlight words and phrases, just as they would with a mouse. Similarly you can drag open annotations around using their title bars. To scroll the page just touch in the white space elsewhere. Many touch-screen devices will be recognised automatically, but you can also change between selection methods using the Preferences button in the sidebar: