Text Upload

We’ve recently added some features to the eMargin text uploading system. When you go to the Upload Text page you’ll be given the option of:

  • Uploading a file from your computer. Just choose the file in the Open File window and upload.
  • Fetching a text from a web page. Enter the URL of the page and eMargin will fetch it and convert it ready for annotation.
  • Copying and Pasting into a text area, just like before.

Your upload will be presented to you before saving in case any alterations are necessary, or you want to add any additional information.

This is made possible by the absolutely marvellous Apache Tika project. It means you can upload just about any file that contains text (e.g. Microsoft Office files, OpenOffice files, PDF, RTF and HTML) and it will be converted to text for eMargin to store and enable annotation. Extra information such as the title and author of the text will also be extracted when possible.

We hope these options will make it even easier to get started. Feel free to give us your feedback about this and any other eMargin features.

User Guide for Teachers

eMargin gives you various ways to control texts and groups. It allows you to manage which users can get access to the items you create. To help teachers set up groups and texts we’ve written some instructions, which you can find here:

eMargin – Setting up groups and texts – Instructions for teachers [edit: these instructions have been discontinued, please see the user guide instead].

We’ll be reviewing the processes described in this document as the project progresses, if you have any feedback please let us know…