Welcome to our blog for the eMargin project.

eMargin is an online collaborative annotation tool, and if you’d like to find out more take a look at this.

It’s being developed by the Research and Development Unit of English Studies, based in the School of English at Birmingham City University. We’re a team of researchers that has in previous projects used corpus linguistic methods and databases of text to discover new facts about language and develop data retrieval tools. We’re also adept at using the web as a source of linguistic data, through various iterations of the WebCorp project. Most recently we’ve being developing learning resources and online tools for text and corpus analysis, for use in the classroom and by researchers. eMargin is very much the logical progression of this, focussing down to text, paragraph and word level. We hope this will provide the tools for students, teachers and researchers to discuss texts in detail.

The project is being led by Andrew Kehoe, Director of RDUES. I (Matt Gee) am developing the software. We seek collaboration and test users wherever you can be found, so if you’re interested in the project or in using the tool please contact us: rdues @

We’ll post more information about the development of the tool, including when it’s available.

OK, introductions over, let’s crack on…